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Help Barbara and Chuck Retire!


After more than 35 years in the magic business, Barbara & I have decided it’s time to retire. We began the process about ten years ago, down-sizing the business to a comfortable, semi-retired lifestyle, while maintaining the product line. We are ready to take the final step.

Both Barbara and I feel lucky to have had a long and successful career in magic. We have met an incredible number of amazing people over the years, from dealers and suppliers around the world, to our generations of customers. Selling magic to a young kid, then, years later, selling magic to his kid, has a way of aging a person.

We plan to continue operations while seeking a buyer for the business and/or product line. The ideal person would be someone wanting to jump into a full magic business, running retail, wholesale and distribution of a magic line currently stocked by distributors and dealers world-wide. A turn-key opportunity with existing product line, wholesale and distributor accounts, inventory, suppliers, retail customer base and, most important, income.

We will also consider offers to purchase manufacturing and distribution rights to the Chazpro Product line (see below), the entire line or individual items.

Serious inquires can be sent via the contact button on this site, or via email at chazpro@aol.com. Put “Chazpro Business” in the subject line


Chazpro Product Line (173)

* (asterisk) = off market

3 Key Monte *

Aladdin Bag (reg.) *

Aladdin Bag (jumbo) *


Attack of the Goonie Birds (booklet, balloons) *

Balloon Hats (booklet, balloons) *

Baseball Stripper Deck

Baseball Svengali Deck


Bat DVD *

Beanbag Flowers, Juggling (3) *

Best Restaurant Trick *

The Block

The Block (ala carte)

Buddha Coin Box Line - Brass

Buddha Okito Box, (vintage) Dollar

Buddha Okito Box (Half Dollar)

Buddha Boston Box (Half Dollar)

Buddha Slot Box (Half Dollar)

Buddha Magnetic Box (Half Dollar)*

Buddha Sucker Box (Half Dollar)

Buddha Plug (Half Dollar)

Buddha Shimmed Lid (Half Dollar)

Buddha Okito Box (Quarter/2Euro) *

Buddha Boston Box (Quarter/2Euro) *

Buddha Slot Box (Quarter)

Buddha Slot Box (2Euro) *

Buddha Sucker Box (Quarter/2Euro)

Buddha Plug (Quarter/2Euro)

Buddha Coin Box Line - Stainless Steel

Buddha Okito Box (Half Dollar)

Buddha Boston Box (Half Dollar)

Buddha Slot Box (Half Dollar)

Buddha Magnetic Box (Half Dollar) *

Boomerang Cards Across

Boomerang Cards, Blank

Card Swami

Chameleon Crayons *

Chaotic Castle *

Castle In A Bag *

Chazpro Coin Line:

Quarter, Steel Core

Quarter, Shimmed Shell

Quarter, Expanded, Shimmed Shell

Quarter, Magnetic 

Half Dollar, Steel Core *

Half Dollar, Shimmed Shell

Half Dollar, Magnetic *

Half Dollar, Expanded Blank, Shimmed Shell


Crayon Magic (booklet) *

Cling Rings

Color Changing, Vanishing Card Case *

Deck Shell (red back)

Deck Shell (blue back)

Deck Shell DVD

Deck Shell Book

Deflated Coin

Deluxe Oddball Plus *

Die-Abolical *

Die-Cipher II, brass

ESP Die-Cipher, brass

Die-Cipher Stainless Steel Set (Reg. Die and ESP Die)

Die-tective (brass) *

Electra K Kit

Eclipse Wallet, Reg.

Eclipse Wallet, Jumbo

Finger Bird

Finger Card Stab *

Flat Cannon Ball *

Gambler’s Dilemma

Gemini Ring, plastic

Gemini Ring, brass

Goonie Birds (Booklet) *

Gremlin Gimmick *

Growing Pocket

Hank The Pet Hanky

Hokus Tokus

Invisible Middle *

Lassoed *

Lassoed Gospel *

Leprechaun Cups:

Shamrock Cup

Lots-A-Coins Cup

Shamrock Sucker Cup

Lotto Luck *

Magic Dust Dispenser *

Magician’s Micro Magnet & Shim Kit

Magician’s Matches *

Magnetic Cards (Blue back)

Magnetic Cards (Red back)

Magnetic Cards (Red & Blue back)

Magnetic Dollar Bill

Magnetic Dollar Bill Deluxe

Magnetic Dollar Bill Kit

Magnetic Pencil 

Magnetic Thumb Tip

Match Out *

Menta Kit *

Mind Bombs *

Mind Master *

MindReading Computer *

Moby Deck

Multiplying Slugs *

My Card *

My First Sucker Trick *

Oddities (booklet) *

One Step Beyond (Booklet) *

One Ace Trick

Out To Lunch Line:

OTL DIY (book & props)

Spider In A Jar

Vampire Slayer

Witchy Witch

Zombie Detective

Pazzles *


PennyTration *

Phantom Pencils (complete) *

Phantom Pencils (ala carte) *

Phoenix Bill

PK Book Vol.1 *

PK Book Vol.2 *

PK Bones *

PK Haunted Hanky

PK Imp Bottle *

PK Kit *

PK Leg Strap

PK Magna Bone *

PK People *

PK Pendulum *

PK Topit *

PK Wooden Match

PK Wrist Strap *

PK Zombie *

Pro PK Kit (Micro 5) *

Pro PK Accessory Kit

Pocket Practice Mirrors - Thin

Pocket Practice Mirrors - Thick *

Pocket Product Panel, Leather

Pocket Product Panel, Mirror

Pocket Product Panel, Standard *

Polter Light *

Portable Hole *

Professor’s Dream *


Psy-Key (ala carte)

Psychokinesis (Book)

Quick Cut *

Reflect-o-Matic Knives *

Reflect-o-Matic (card version) *

Reflect-o-Matic (dollar version) *

Shadow Principle (booklet)

Signed Bill In Balloon *

Singles, Multiples, Jumbos (Booklet, balloons) *

Six Card Repeat (sports card version) *

Soda Sensation *

Soma Cube Dice *

Snapper, Wood *

Snapper 2000 *

Spirit Slates *

Spirit Slates (3 slate set) *

Spirit Slates, Close-up *

Spirit Slates Deluxe *

Spring & Ring Book *

Squeak Book

Stealth Thumb Tip

Telepathy Cards, ESP

Telepathy Cards, Blank

Telepathy Cards, Blank - Refill

Telepathy Cards Three Shell

This Way Out (booklet) *

Trick Indexer


Ultra Spirit *

The Vault (brass) *

Vault Tube (brass) *

Vault2ube 2 (Aluminum) *

Wonder Wand

Wonder Wand Extension *

Wonder Wand Fire Kit

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