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Chuck's Tip #1 - Raven Coin Talk

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Occasionally someone will ask about 'coin talk' when a coin (or other object that is being vanished) strikes the Raven gimmick. The attraction of an object like a coin to the Raven gimmick varies depending on the object being vanished. Lighter objects, or ones that have little non-magnetic metal, will move faster and hit the Raven gimmick harder than heavier or less magnetic objects. There are several solutions to eliminate Raven coin talk.

#1. Bring your Raven hand closer to the object you are vanishing, within an inch or less. This approach leaves less space for the coin to jump, thus making less, if any noise. This method can eliminate all excess noise.

#2. You can find round felt dots in craft stores that have adhesive backs. Buy one inch size dots and stick one to each side of the Raven gimmick to increase the padding, making it more sound proof. This is not necessary if you follow step #1.

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