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Andrus Impossible Nuts

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Here is a mini example of the Jerry Andrus Impossible Nuts, based on principles he utilized in his famous Parabox. I hope to post more Jerry Andrus memories in the future. 

Click this link to see the Andrus Impossible Nuts:


Mnemonic Calendar

Mnemonic CalendarThey say people should exercise their brain more the older they get. Doing crossword or Sudoku puzzles is supposed to strengthen the brain like physical exercise improves the body. All ages can benefit from mental exercises.Mnemonics is a way to easily remember information by replacing multiple bits of info with a single, memorable [...]

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Eye-Foolery, Jerry's Parabox Reborn

A couple decades ago Jerry Andrus sold rights to Binary Arts to produce a clever variation of an optical illusion he produced in a few formats, most notably  The Parabox. The Eyefoolery items in the video  have been off the market for years. Occasionally some can be found on the secondary market. We offer Jerry's [...]

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Impromptu PK Wrist Strap

This makes a great impromptu wrist strap for your PK magnet effects. It is cheap, easy and adjustable to different size magnets and different thicknesses for different effects.

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Reflecto-Matic Knife

Here is a flash from the past! We released several paddle tricks in the 1990s, including several versions of Reflect Knives. I liked the mirror side idea because you could show the spectator both sides of the knife at the same time....without the paddle move!  It's the little things in life that are enjoyable.The video [...]

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Eclipse Wallet as a Business Card Printer

Besides printing playing cards or special messages on blank cards, you can also print business cards. Do the same as a playing card. Your card must have a blank back. It is possible to design a card that can be 'printed' on the front. For such a biz card, the center needs to remain empty [...]

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A new perspective on an Andrus Illusion

Remembering Jerry Andrus and his Impossible CrateA major influence in my magical life was my relationship with Jerry Andrus. Besides magic, we shared a love of optical illusions. Jerry’s most famous illusion was his Impossible Crate. I recently took a shot at reproducing that miracle. I now understand why Jerry was reluctant to set [...]

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Trick from the Vault #2 - Geek Coin on Head

Geek Coin on HeadDuring my years bar-tending and doing magic, occasionally someone would ask me to teach them a trick. If they didn’t ask, I offered. My ‘go to’ effect was the Amazing Quarter On Head Trick, later renamed Geek Coin on Head. This is a classic, simple trick for entertaining grandkids, that [...]

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Trick from the Vault #1 - String Restoration Revisited

String Restoration RevistedOne of my earliest favorite pocket tricks was a string restoration from Harry Lorayne’s Big Book of Magic. In that rendition, the performer holds two separate pieces of string in one hand, then restores them into a single piece. The restoration can happen in a spectator’s hand. This simple effect always got a [...]

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Chuck's Tip #1 - Raven Coin Talk

Occasionally someone will ask about 'coin talk' when a coin (or other object that is being vanished) strikes the Raven gimmick. The attraction of an object like a coin to the Raven gimmick varies depending on the object being vanished. Lighter objects, or ones that have little non-magnetic metal, will move faster and hit the [...]

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